CreditMax Inc. of Illinois

Professional Credit Restoration

Why Choose Credit Max?

Our Mission to focus on economic recovery starts at home.
Empowering every consumer with the knowledge and ability to set their own financial pace and create a heightened awareness of how important credit is today.

Our success is the continued contribution we make toward a better economic environment for future generations.
The most important step towards financial freedom is the first one you take.  Experience power in numbers and secure your future with us.

Don't let the road to recovery be the one least traveled.  CreditMax Inc. can be the bridge that connects you to your goals

Success Through Teamwork

Integrity, Trust, and Loyalty are what our foundation is built upon.
Accountability, Dedication, and Leadership are a daily practice.
Motivation, Professionalism, and Performance keep us on top.
Leadership, Encouragement, and Education are the rewards.

Our successful team is reliable, and will be able to identify with you the client.

Our credit agents have taken a pro-active approach to Credit Restoration.  Consistent attention to changing trends in the industry, our credit agents are no nonsense professionals who possess the education and skills to take specific action and supply reliable information.  A watchful eye and distinctive character conspicuously display the obvious signs of success.  With more than twenty-five years of experience in the credit industry, CreditMax is a true industry innovator.  

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